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About Howard Electric & Controls

Howard Electric and Controls, LLC is most accurately described as an adaptable and dependable industrial automation and control systems integrator with decades of experience and a dedicated staff. While this does describe us, it does not define us. No project is below or above us and we welcome all customers, big and small. If it has electrons flowing through it and an industrial or manufacturing application, we can help you design, develop, and implement it. We do not stop at electrons, however. Our fabrication shop can create custom tools, parts, and equipment to your exact specifications and inline with your company’s needs.

Though we specialize in Allen Bradley components and solutions, we have experience with products from a plethora of other manufacturers of industrial automation components. Utilizing the latest software and years of experience, our staff can tackle the grandest of problems and projects with relative ease. We will guide you through, from beginning to end, and leave you with peace of mind; you will know it was a job well done and a smart investment to have called Howard Electric.

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Our Manufacturers

Howard Electric & Controls, LLC utilizes a number of high quality component manufacturers, such as:

ABB Logo Automation Partners AB Logo Automation Partners Cognex Logo Automation Partners
Hoffman Logo Automation Partners IDEC Logo Automation Partners Danaher Motion Logo Automation Partners
Automation Direct Logo Automation Partners RA Logo Automation Partners advantech logo b Automation Partners
Parker Logo Automation Partners Shneider Logo Automation Partners Sick Logo Automation Partners

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The Benefits of Automation

• Maximize Uptime

o Nothing hurts a company's bottom-line quite like downtime. Several employees standing around a broken machine looks to plant managers like a profit blackhole and for good reason.

o With modern automated equipment there is a guarantee of minimal problems and quick troubleshooting when they do occur so that you keep the money flowing and your staff productive.

• Quality Amelioration

o Automated machinery allows for production precision and real-time quality control.

o The sophisticated technology employed will habitually generate top-notch products.

o You can rest assured that inadequate products will not be going to your customers because, depending on your needs, the system can be designed to check all products down to the details of their labels and reject those which do not meet the criteria you specify with indubitable accuracy and precision.

• Productivity Growth

o The most significant benefit to a business which utilizes modern automated machinery is the profound increase in overall product throughput due to an increase in both production speed and continuity, a dramatic reduction in errors, and the minimalization of waste.

o Having a machine with varying speeds of operation, the least of which being utilized for everyday production, means that quotas can be met with only a miniscule increase of possible error.

o The amount of both accepted and rejected products can be seamlessly monitored by the machine and made easily accessible to supervisors and managers for guaranteed accurate inventory and finance purposes.

• Intelligent Safety

o State-of-the-art automated equipment and interfaces enhance safety by providing operators with real-time information regarding the operation of the machine allowing for quick and informed responses to any potential issues.

o Intelligent Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) can display data regarding the condition of important parts or those which inevitably require frequent replacement. Then, with the touch of a button, the machine can be placed into a mode guaranteed to be safe for such maintenance to occur and even provide instruction to the operator in regard to the safest and correct way to perform said maintenance.

o Informed operators aside, sensitive sensors such as light barriers can be utilized to ensure machine operation ceases when they are crossed to guarantee the safety of your personnel.

• Quality of Work Life (QWL)

o Through the elimination of menial and sometimes even dangerous tasks, tedious troubleshooting, and obsolete equipment, the overall quality of your employees' work life will be greatly augmented.

o Using automated machinery that 'just works' and is self-healing (to the greatest extent possible with modern technology) alleviates much of the anxiety operators using suboptimal equipment are faced with on a daily basis.

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